Discovering God Together
Did your group gel and connect, if so at what level do you think fits best?*
Does your group have a prayer time and if so in general were the requests:*
During the spiritual teaching time in general was the conversation:*
Did your group enjoy being together? Evidenced by...*
As the leader, did you feel equipped to do the leading?*
Did the hosts participate? (If applicable)*
Was the meeting area conducive to your group?*
Do you have a couple of stories (from this year) that cement for you that this effort was worth your investment of time and energy for you as a leader and/or for interactions inside the group?*
Would there be a name or two of individuals who you know were impacted by small groups this year? *
If you answered yes to the above question would it be acceptable for me to approach them about telling their stories?
Would you like to be involved as a small group leader next year?*
If yes, do you want to work with the same group next year or do you sense God leading you in a different direction?
Are small groups making a difference in the lives of people at WBC?*
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